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Wild Oud Diffuser Luxe Blend

Wild Oud Diffuser Luxe Blend

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When you’re looking for a convenient way to enjoy aromatherapy in any place and at any time, a diffuser is the way to go, and with our Wild Oud diffuser luxe blend, you can benefit from the amazing fragrance and beneficial properties that this essential oil can offer.

With its perfume-like aroma, Wild Oud diffuser essential oil luxe blend mixes essential oil with fragrance in a highly concentrated formula that will create a wonderful ambience in any room.

What Is In Wild Oud Diffuser Luxe Blend?

Oud oil is made from the sap of the Agarwood tree. Rich in its spiritual history, this valuable oil is well-known for its aromatic scent which conjures up the earthy, woodiness of its rich origins. Our Oud Oil is certified to be organic and is also cruelty-free and vegan for your complete peace of mind.

This essential oil has long been linked with religious practices thanks to its harmonising effects on the brain. It is used by Tibetan monks to boost their inner energy while inducing tranquillity of the soul and mind, and this makes it a wonderful choice of scent to diffuse in the room of your choice.

It is blended with Wild Orange oil which brings an invigorating and refreshing feel into any space thanks to its citrusy aroma.

How To Use Wild Oud Diffuser Luxe Blend

Wild Oud diffuser luxe blend is a very potent concentration of oil, so only a 3 – 4 drops need to be added to your diffuser. Simply follow these instructions to make the most of your luxury diffuser blend:

  • Ensure the diffuser is switched off.
  • Remove its cover and its internal plastic lid.
  • Fill up the water tank using 100ml of water maximum.
  • Add 3 – 4 drops of Wild Oud Diffuser Luxe Blend
  • Replace the diffuser’s lid and cover.
  • Turn on the diffuser.
  • Select the setting of your choice for intermittent bursts of scent or a constant fragrant mist.
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