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Petal Rose Luxe Blend

Petal Rose Luxe Blend

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The Petal Rose Diffuser luxe blend smells sweet and floral. The blend mixes notes of seven different essential oils and fragrances in a concentrated formula that are known for their calming properties that may help uplift your spirit, reduce feelings of stress and promote relaxation.

Essential oils include Rose, Vanilla, Hawthorn, Mimosa, Violet, Sweet Musk, and Amber.

How To Use Petal Rose Diffuser Luxe Blend

Petal Rose diffuser luxe blend is a highly potent concentration of essential oils, so you only require 3 to 5 drops in your diffuser. Follow these instructions to make the most of your luxurious diffuser blend:

  • Ensure your diffuser has been switched off.
  • Take off the cover as well as the internal plastic lid.
  • Fill up the water tank using no more than 100ml of water.
  • Add 3 - 5 drops of Petal Rose Diffuser Luxe Blend.
  • Put the cover and lid of the diffuser back on.
  • Turn the diffuser on.
  • Choose either a constant fragrant mist or intermittent aromatic bursts as your setting.
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