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Grey Stone Oil Diffuser

Grey Stone Oil Diffuser

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Grey Stone Oil Diffuser

This grey stone oil diffuser offers a chic way to infuse your space with invigorating, rejuvenating, and calming aromas. Whether you're working, entertaining, or unwinding, you can effortlessly set the perfect ambiance to suit your mood.

The diffuser's interior is crafted from BPA-free plastic, shielded by a sleek grey porcelain cover. Its understated elegance makes it a stylish addition to any room. The grey hue complements a variety of color palettes, effortlessly blending in as a tasteful decorative accent. Whether displayed prominently on a shelf or mantelpiece or tucked away atop a cupboard, this diffuser adds a touch of sophistication to any setting.

Equipped with an LED light, this diffuser casts a soft, candle-like glow, elevating the mood and ambiance of any room. You can choose to use the misting and light features together or independently, tailoring the experience to your preferences.

This handcrafted ultrasonic diffuser is user-friendly and easy to maintain. Serving as both a functional and aesthetic home accessory, the grey stone oil diffuser offers a safer, more subtle, and cost-effective alternative to scented candles and traditional oil burners. Experience the benefits of aromatherapy in style with this elegant grey diffuser.


  1. Make sure the diffuser is turned off before you remove the cover.
  2. Remove the porcelain cover and internal plastic lid.
  3. Fill the water tank with maximum 100ml of water, and 10-15 drops of your Kotanical essential oil.
  4. Replace the plastic lid and porcelain cover before turning the diffuser on.
  5. Choose your settings: you can select a consistent mist or intermittent scent bursts, and you can also choose to turn on the LED light feature which gives off a soft candle glow.

For more information check out this online manual or speak to one of our experts for help.


What is the diffuser made from?

The water reservoir is made from BPA-free plastic and the diffuser comes with a porcelain cover for a sophisticated effect.

How big is the diffuser?

90mm width x 180mm height. The power cord is five feet long.

What voltage does the diffuser use?

Input AC 100-240 V, output DC 24 V 0.5A.

Schuko plug adapter for customers in Germany, Netherlands, Austria, and Sweden included.

How long does the diffuser run for?

Using the recommended amount of oil, the diffuser can either run for three hours non-stop, or for up to 7.5 hours on a setting with intermittent bursts of scent.

What happens if I leave the diffuser unattended?

The diffuser automatically turns off when the time is up or when the water runs out – whichever happens first.

How much water do I put in the water tank?

The maximum capacity of the water tank is 100ml.

How do I clean the diffuser?

Twist off the ceramic cover – this should be easy to remove – and wipe the inside clean with a damp cloth to remove any dust or essential oil residue.

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