Starting our First Essential oil crop

Starting our First Essential oil crop

Starting our First Peppermint Essential oil crop

1 pair of twins
4 sleeves rolled up
1,000 pots
18,000 peppermint seeds

Today, myself and my twin brother Lar, ensured that we will have plenty of Irish peppermint for next year by planting 18,000 peppermint seeds in 1000 pots!

At least 50% of the seeds will sprout and then we will have to keep an eye on them over the winter months.

Come Spring/summer, I will be able to turn the plants into essential oil and hydrosol.

Building relationships with local farmers and growers is core to Kotanicals philosophy and today it was great to be given the opportunity to establish our own crops on a farm in Malahide who has been a huge supporter of Kotanical and has provided us with many types of herbs and plants to use and experiment.

Thank you for reading and the continued support 🍀

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