Kotanicals Botanicals For Bees

Kotanicals Botanicals For Bees

Kotanical's Botanical's For Bees

Kotanical is making a commitment to look out for our little pollinators the humble bumblebees

Every order now includes Irish wildflower seed paper that you can plant yourself to help provide a feeding source for the bees (no extra charge).

One third of the 98 bee species in Ireland are threatened with extinction while three-quarters of the country’s wild plants require insect pollinators.

As a plant based company we are responsible for helping the bees out.

We are the first company in Ireland to actually put our money where our mouth is when it comes to the well being of the bees and by working with a local crafts women to achieve this we hope to find more ways to help the bees .


Start indoors

Wrap seed paper in kitchen towel,freezer bag or sandwich bag.

Place on window keep paper moist 

When seeds germinate place in organic soil 

Now you are a grower!

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