How Does A Diffuser Work?

How Does A Diffuser Work?

How Does A Diffuser Work?

If you’ve seen an essential oil diffuser in action, then you are sure to have enjoyed both the scent it produced and the beautiful plumes of air that exit from the machine. However, have you ever wondered how aroma diffusers actually work? We’ve got the information you’ve been looking for!

A Basic Understanding of How Aroma Diffusers Work

An essential oil diffuser simply works by discharging essential oils into the air, meaning that you can then enjoy inhaling and absorbing the oils to get the maximum benefit and purify the air in your home. Kotanical diffusers also work to provide you with a sensory experience as the look of the diffuse at work is pleasant, and it smells great, too, helping you to unwind when you need it the most.

The Kotanical Diffuser Range

When you are looking for a quality diffuser, it makes sense to opt for an ultrasonic one. An ultrasonic, electric oil diffuser works by dispersing essential oils out into the air via a vibrating plate that creates ultrasonic waves. These waves produce microscopic oil particles so that you can enjoy the benefits of your chosen oil.

An ultrasonic diffuser has a water tank that needs to be filled, and then you add the specified number of oil drops into the water. The vibrating plate then helps the oil and water to mix, and a fine mist is produced that you can see being emitted through the nozzle of the diffuser. The great thing about the Kotanical aroma diffusers is that they look great and offer long-lasting support so that you can diffuse a number of oils to suit your needs. 

Do Kotanical Diffusers Heat Up?

No. Kotanical diffuser uses heat because it is important to enjoy the oil without it changing states so that you can enjoy all the benefits that are present when you switch it on. The other great thing about no-heat diffusers is that they are safe to use and don’t pose any risk to children.

Where Can I Use a Diffuser?

As our aroma diffusers are so safe, you can use them anywhere you want as long as there is access to an electrical plug-in point. The noise emitted from diffusers is minimal, so they will not disrupt you as you get on with your day.

Plus, if you need a humidifier to add moisture to the air, then an ultrasonic diffuser can offer this too, making it a great all-round device to support your health and wellbeing needs.

We have a wide range of diffusers and diffuser oil to choose from so that all your needs can be met with ease. Buy yours today and be amazed at the wellbeing improvements you achieve.

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