Oil Diffuser Benefits

Oil Diffuser Benefits

How DiffusersWork

Withwellness progressing from a hippy trend to a mainstream lifestyle factor, manyproducts in the wellness industry are no longer considered niche or desirableand are now part of our everyday lives.

Diffusersare becoming more popular – they are no longer considered to be just fancy airfresheners, and as more people come to understand the benefits of essentialoils, diffusers are recognized as a safe and effective way to take in thesebeneficial oils.

Oildiffusers come in all shapes and sizes, and with different diffusionmechanisms, but it is becoming clear that ultrasonic diffusion is the safestand cleanest way to go.

What is diffusion?

Imagine youare driving toward the sea – you can tell you are getting closer as the airsmells saltier and often fishier, so how does the air by the sea smell one way,but in a field of wildflowers it smells objectively more pleasant? Unless youlike the smell of salt and sea creatures, of course.

When waterevaporates the air takes on whatever characteristics it is carrying. Considerhow strong the air smells after heavy rainfall when the sun comes out andstarts drying the damp ground – depending on where you are, the air can smelllike wet pavement, or fresh grass. This is the science behind evaporation, replicatedin oil burners which rely on heat to evaporate the water which holds theessential oil, thereby creating a pleasant aroma.

Diffusers,however, are becoming more popular as a way of freshening a home and leveragingthe benefits of essential oils. Diffusers work more like waterfalls – when youstand next to a waterfall and the water is crashing down, the air is filledwith a cool mist, which is often visible. This is because the particles havemoved from a faster moving place to a slower moving place – this is diffusion.

How does an essential oil diffuser work?

Diffusersuse the science behind waterfall diffusion to create a mist of water andessential oils. Diffusers have a small water tank and this is where theessential oils are added – the proportion of oil drops to ml of water dependson the specific oil, as well as user preference.

Thediffuser then uses an ultrasonic plate or feature to vibrate the water and oil,using the ultrasonic waves to separate the oil and water mix into microscopicparticles and creating a mist, much like the effect of fast-moving water in awaterfall. The diffuser then releases the mist, either in a continuous stream,or as intermittent bursts depending on the settings.

Anultrasonic diffuser – such as Kotanical’s stone diffuser range – will release100% organic oils into the air without degrading the oil or adding any extranasty particles into the mix. Oil burners and other heat-based evaporators candamage the oil quality by heating it, and the oils can become mixed up withparticles from melted candles or other combustible fuels.

Check outour stone oil diffuser range for more information.

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